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A Practice

For the People

In just 20 minutes twice a day, your daily practice will restore your sense of peacefulness, control, and balance.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed by demands for your time and attention, you can breathe through it, feeling calm, relaxed and focused.

CitiMind Meditation

CitiMind Mediation is a practice for the people.

No influencers, no gurus, no selfie-worthy backdrops. This practice is about becoming the best version of yourself by learning how to connect with yourself. 

Use meditation to boost your mood, your energy, and your sleep; use meditation to improve your yoga practice, your workouts, and your recovery.  

Your evolution into being a kinder, more patient, more creative and more present partner, parent, friend and colleague begins with learning the basics of an ancient meditation practice known as Vedic Meditation. 

The simple and straightforward principles of this practice allow you to access serenity, peace, and escape wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

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Get Started

Is CitiMind Meditation Right for You?

Attend an Introductory Talk

A free talk in person or online acquainting you with the practice, it's benefits, and your instructor

Group & Private Courses Available

Course size limited to small groups; individual, couples, and family courses are also available by request.

Stress & Your Body

Are you suffering and struggling? Learn how a regular practice of Vedic Meditation could change your life.

How to Meditate

Everything you'll need to begin your own independent daily meditation practice at home or on the go.

Join #CitiMindChallenge

& share your 30-day practice.

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