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Our Story

Our Story

Modern living is full of challenges. Stresses at work and home take their toll and pile up quickly. Our goals seem forever just out of reach. We feel sick and tired all the time. There are never enough hours in the day. We compare ourselves to others and feel like we've gotten left behind. 

It's easy to scroll through photo of friends (and exes and celebrities and acquaintances and strangers...) and see perfect smiles and perfect poses against perfect backdrops, and to feel like your life doesn't measure up. How do they do it? 

You've come this far, so chances are you're looking for a change and it's less about doing it for the 'gram as it is about doing it for yourself.  

CitiMind Meditation is for people who want to be better versions of themselves, to feel as good on the inside as those influencers look on the outside!


Our students turn heads in real-life, when their friends, family and co-workers see a more relaxed, creative, energized and positive person. Imagine having a portable solution for dissolving stress on-demand, and a daily ritual that gives you a progressively less stressful life. 

At CitiMind we teach modern people an ancient practice that helps them slow-down and get more out of life. Vedic Meditation has been practiced for centuries. What have they done so right to persist this long? 

Vedic Meditation keeps it simple. Your beginner's practice consists of sitting still for twenty minutes at a time, silently repeating a mantra, once in the early part of your day and once again later on.


That's it. No membership fees, no equipment, no facilities. Just a four-day course, two hours a day. Once you learn it, you've got it and it's yours forever. 

About our Founder, Chris Belhumeur

About Chris

I went to an Indian ashram so you don't have to.

Was India awesome? Yes it sure was. It was vast and lush and vibrant and wonderful. And it was lonely and uncomfortable and far away from everything and everyone I knew and loved. 

I went to India because, after a few years of practicing Vedic Meditation and seeing how much it improved my life, I felt like it was a practice I needed to share with others. 

I went from feeling tired, grouchy, burnt out, and stressed out to feeling relaxed, safe, energized and more present for my friends and family. In fact, I felt so enthusiastic about the changes I was experiencing that I was constantly recommending the course to friends.


But real Vedic Meditation courses are so few and far between that for most of my loved ones, they couldn't find a course nearby. So after leaving South Florida to spend months in an Indian ashram, I returned home to Boston, MA to bring this ancient wisdom to my hometown.


Ready to change your life?

Contact us to learn more.

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